About company

OWB Ltd. Fruits and Vegetables Producers Group

Growing and production

Fruit and Vegetable Storage ad Sorting

Fruits and Vegetables Producers Group under the name of OWB Ltd. has its headquarters in central Poland in the nearby of A1 highway, that is in Włocławek area in kujawsko-pomorskie voivodeship.

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During orchard and horticultural production a highest quality equipment is used, such as machines to harvest and process fruits and vegetables. Producers Group is already an owner of many washing, cleaning, sorting, packing, product transportation.

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We are carrying our activity since 1978

Members of the group are carrying out their horticultural activities since 1980, which allowed them to maximum improvement of production techniques, including integrated and ecological production. Nowadays members of the group are growing fruits and vegetables on the area of about 100 ha, but this acreage is increasing each year due to acquiring new members and increasing of crop acreage.